The Music Ensemble Faos, based in Athens, was born out of a friendly yet heated discussion between Alexis Theophylactou and Andreas Moustoukis, to which company a third member was later added in the person of Athanasios Trikoupis.


As an ensemble, we believe in collective work, dedication and an unmediated love for music, being motivated by the need to contribute to contemporary music.


Our main objective is to offer a platform for contemporary composers in Cyprus, Greece and across the world, so that they may be able to find new ways and forms in which to express their musical intentions. We want to give voice to such forms and offer composers the opportunity to assess the impact of their compositions by including them in our repertoire.


We dream of providing a basis on which a two-way, dialogic relationship might be built between composer and public: a dialogue that might help New Music come to full bloom, reaching perhaps towards a new identity.